Why a New K8s Security Approach is Needed

K8s is great! We love relying on K8s and use it to develop our own unique solution.

Despite its popularity, businesses often find it challenging to secure complex and dynamic K8s environments. This struggle arises from unrealistic, siloed, and tool-centric approaches, hindering their ability to reduce exposure to threats effectively.

Conventional cloud security tools and passive scanners lack the deep insights to find unique K8s exposures. Many K8s security tools focus solely on misconfigurations and CVEs. While finding misconfigurations is a start, it falls short of the complete security picture.

This is why we developed our proactive K8s CTEM Platform: We think what SaaS businesses really need is a holistic K8s-native security solution that extends beyond endless weaknesses and misconfiguration. One that helps security leaders stay ahead of threats by providing a continuous threat exposure solution to their environments.

Welcome to the Era of
K8s-Native Security

At KTrust, we redefine Kubernetes security. Mastering K8s attack flows, we continuously explore your K8s ecosystem to uncover innovative paths, validate real exposures, and automate mitigation for your unique ecosystem. Our K8s-native Continuous Threat Exposure Management (CTEM) platform offers comprehensive K8s risk prioritization, breach and attack paths, and ransomware protection – all consolidated in one platform.

K8s-Native Research Lab

KTrust helps security leaders stay ahead of security threats by providing a continuous threat exposure solution that combines CVEs, MITRE and unique exposure flows for the K8s ecosystem. Our proprietary Research Labs constantly identify unique attack paths and related CVEs.

K8s-Native Automated Red Team Algorithm

We provide automated red team technology tailored for identifying and validating unique K8s-native exposure paths. Whether it's container escape, compromised cluster control, data leakage, or storage breaches, rest assured, we've got your back.

K8s-Native Risk Exposure Expertise

KTrust stands out by proactively analyzing complex K8s environments, and maneuvering around existing security measures to deliver proven, validated, and real-time attack paths with optimized mitigation for your unique K8s ecosystem.

Identify, Validate & Mitigate Unique K8s Attack Paths

K8s Ecosystem Map
 Red Team
K8s Risk 
Contextual Actionable Insights
 Automated Mitigation

Discover Validated Exposures within Your Unique K8s Ecosystem within Minutes

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