Continuous Threat Exposure Management For Your Unique K8s Ecosystem

Our K8s-native Continuous Threat Exposure Management (CTEM) approach blends CVEs, MITRE, 
and unique, generated K8s exposure flows, ensuring K8s-first businesses stay ahead of evolving threats.

Your Evolving K8s Ecosystem
Needs Proactive K8s Security


Container Escape

Cluster Control Compromised

Data Leakage

Vulnerable Application Layer

Storage Breach

Our Automated Red Team Algorithm Thinks Like The Best K8s Attackers So You Don't Need To

Preempt & Prevent K8s Risk

Gain comprehensive visibility into the security posture of your K8s infrastructure, providing a clear and detailed understanding of the security landscape.

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Discover & Validate

We dive into various contexts to truly understand what’s happening, helping us stay ahead and take practical steps to keep your systems safe.

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Prioritize with K8s Holistic
Risk Assessment

Within our platform, we aim to facilitate decision-making processes by providing prioritized scores that highlight critical areas requiring immediate attention. Alongside these scores, we offer comprehensive and effective mitigation strategies, empowering you to take proactive steps in securing your system

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Automate & Activate Optimized Mitigation

We validate real exposures that exploit or pose a risk to your K8s environment, ensuring a meticulous examination of potential vulnerabilities. With this in-depth understanding, we craft tailored and optimized mitigation strategies specifically designed for your unique K8s ecosystem.

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Kubernetes Is Complex
You Need K8s Security Experts on Your Side

How KTrust Works For You

Validated Exposure Flows

Discover true and validated exposures based on real attacker behavior, within your K8s ecosystem.

 Insights Beyond Risk

Optimized decision-making based on multi-disciplinary analytics with contextual insights that reflect your K8s security posture and efficacy.

 Easy to Deploy & Operate

Easy onboarding, deployment and maintenance. Empowering knowledge with intuitive guidance for your K8s team.

Visual Exposure Mapping

Observability of your K8s assets and security posture at a glance for prioritize decision making & DevSecOps collaboration.

Hear From Our Customers

Asaf Kivity

CEO matrix DevOps

KTrust proactive protection for Kubernetes environments against attackers is unique because it works and thinks like a sophisticated attacker. We are happy to join forces and provide our customers with such advanced protection.

matrix DevOps
Asaf Kivity

Dima Tatur

VP of Cybersecurity

Deploying KTrust as part of our toolkit positions us as a trusted partner, delivering unparalleled security, including exposure management, for Kubernetes environments. Our clients benefit from seamless integration fortifying K8s workloads, ensuring robust security without compromising efficiency.

commit logo
Dima Tatur

Lior Hakim


KTrust's CTEM Platform is a game-changer. It dynamically explores attack paths, providing real-time exposure flows in complex K8s environments. Visual Exposure Mapping and actionable insights make KTrust an indispensable solution in our go-to Kubernetes security approach.

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Lior Hakim

Discover Validated Exposures within Your Unique K8s Ecosystem within Minutes

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