Continuous Threat Exposure Management:
The Answer to Evolving Threats in Kubernetes Ecosystems

Kubernetes security requires more than addressing misconfigurations and weaknesses. Its dynamic behavior demands continuous comprehension revealing newly evolving attack pathways.

The KTrust K8s Continuous Threat Exposure Management (CTEM) Platform continuously explores innovative attack paths, dynamically maneuvering between security measures to identify, validate, and optimize mitigation for actual exposures in every unique ecosystem. Integrated with unique K8s security features like Visual Exposure Mapping, Graph-based attack paths, and Contextual Actionable Insights, KTrust stands out by analyzing complex K8s environments, delivering proven, validated, and real-time exposure flows.

Identify, Validate & Mitigate Unique K8s Attack Paths

Visual exposure mapping provides visibility of your K8s security posture at a glance, and enables easy collaboration with stakeholders.

An intelligent, automated red team algorithm dynamically imitates attack paths, maneuvering around security measures to continuously identify and validate actual threats for your unique K8s ecosystem.

Quantified Risk Scores - prioritization for security layers by threats, and across your entire K8s ecosystem, enables prioritized decision making.

Contextual actionable insights combining multi-disciplinary analytics enables KTrust to reflect actual exposure and security effectiveness as your K8s ecosystem evolves.

Mitigation optimized to your K8s ecosystem with policy-enabled automation for new and recurring threats enables highly effective and efficient dev/secops.

Integrating CTEM Principles in Kubernetes Security

“45% Increase in Container Escape Exploit Techniques from the Previous Scan”

Our Platform allows you to get contextual actionable insights to elevate your K8s security posture.

A Temporary Sandbox that Clones your Organic Cluster

KTrust refrains from direct interaction with your cluster. Instead, our algorithm is executed within a secure enclave situated inside the cluster.

Reverse-Engineer Each CVE

Offering a comprehensive risk score derived from both CVE benchmark and our exclusive KTrust CVE, KCVE Research Lab input.

Real-time Exposure Scanning

We proactively find exposure paths that are unique in your ecosystem, delivering tailored protection and enhanced defense capabilities.

One Platorm, Many Benefits

Automated Red Team

KTrust red team relies on MITRE and proprietary KTrust research lab K8s exposures and imitates an attacker's methods in a breach event

Multi-Layered Approach

KTrust implements a multi-layered approach, encompassing network, services, and RBAC to systematically identify security vulnerabilities

Enhanced Observability

By investigating K8s metrics, events and traces we enable DevSecOps to quickly pinpoint the root cause of an issue

Discover Validated Exposures within Your Unique K8s Ecosystem within Minutes

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